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Meet Alan Kogosowski

Alan Kogosowski is a pianist with remarkable technical and musical abilities. He has brought music to audiences in an exciting way that, above all, makes people feel involved and happy to be part of this unique expression of the human spirit. He is a distinguished Chopinist and has made it his mission to promote the works of the great master. He is also a presenter of music, bringing together world-class talents in various series of musical events. A child prodigy himself, Kogosowski has also made an effort to mentor and hone young performers in his master classes. Kogosowski feels, as did the sculptor Anthony Caro, that 'art is a celebration of life. It is a means of expressing joy and gratitude at being alive. We are lucky to be here.'

  • Stephen Haller

    American Record Guide

    One of the finest recordings Jarvi and the Detroit Symphony have given us; in effect, it may be considered Rachmaninoff's Fifth Piano Concerto in all but name, for there is no question that it is worthy to stand beside the four concertos the Master left us . . . Kogosowski has recreated the very special orchestral sound of Rachmaninoff . . . This record immediately goes to the very top of my 'Best of the Year' list.

  • Chris Robson

    Thanks for the Chopin third piano concerto CD.  It arrived yesterday, the 164th anniversary of the composer's death.
    I must say I enjoyed playing it. It is a truly beautiful work and you must be justly proud to have restored and orchestrated it.

  • Geoff, England

    I have enjoyed listening to your CD, Magical Moonlight, and in particular to the Chopin Nocturnes.

  • Tore G. Christensen, Norway

    I have studied your book about how to play Chopin. It gave me so much good advice about playing Chopin on the piano . . . I have been practicing this now for a while, and I've got an even better understanding of Chopin's music! Thank you so much for giving me this help! I am most grateful to you!