How to Prevent RSI eBook


The Michelangelo Code: The essential keys to solving RSI naturally, for everyone


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At 21, just when Alan Kogosowski's piano career was starting, a car accident left him with four broken bones in his right hand. This event pushed him to understand the physiological processes of the hand and to find a way to recover full mobility. He shares this knowledge in this book to help everyone—musicians and non-musicians—learn to use our hands wisely.

An essential reading for all pianists, violinists and guitarists, How to Prevent RSI is also an entertaining book for non-musicians and anyone who wants to avoid repetitive strain injury.

For ease of reading,  you may want to e-mail the e-book to someone at a nearby office depot and ask to have it printed out. Specify double-sided printing, with the cover in color, and coil binding with a clear plastic cover.
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